CrossBag X75

If you are into strongman or just want the biggest and baddest the coming X75 model is just for you!

More info and specs coming soon!

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1. Scope
The present general terms apply to all agreements signed with CrossBag IvS. When purchasing goods from CrossBag IvS as a consumer, you accept to be bound by these general terms.

Any term or condition differing from or in direct conflict with present general terms is invalid, unless otherwise is agreed by CrossBag IvS in writing.

2. Warranty
Our products have a one year limited replacement warranty in the unlikely event of defects in the product's materials or manufacturing. Please contact us with any questions you may have about warranties at
This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear.

2.1 Voiding Warranty
Voiding the warranty will occur immediately if the CrossBags is used in any of the ways mentioned below. Please make sure to read through our instructional materials to avoid improper use.
If there are any questions on use of any of our products, contact us with any questions prior to using.

3. Delivery
Upon finalizing of the order, the product will be shipped within 1-3 business days. Exceptions include ordering goods, as well as items that may be temporarily out of stock. In these cases delivery may take longer. CrossBag IvS reserves the right to send your order partial or total. Delivery is considered finalized when the product is in the possession of the customer. Thereby the risk of accidental demise automatically passes to the customer alone.

CrossBag IvS will not be subject to be accused of any delays. In the event of an unexpected delay or loss, please contact our customer support. For further information about any delivery costs please check the individual countries' additional terms and conditions.

International Duties + Taxes: Items shipped internationally may incur duties, taxes and customs brokers fees – please note that additional charges for customs clearance may be collected and are the responsibility of the recipient.

4. Cancellation of purchase
You have the normal right of cancellation on purchases of other products with CrossBag IvS, though the right of withdrawal, however, is extended to 30 days. If you have used the purchased product CrossBag IvS will reimburse you in full deducted any depreciations as a of usage of the product, unreturned packaging etc., see. Forbrugeraftalelovens § 24.

If you were to regret your purchase at CrossBag IvS and wish to make use of of your 30-day right of withdrawal, the delivered product has to be returned to CrossBag IvS within 14 days from the date you announced CrossBag IvS, that you regretted the purchase. If this deadline is not met CrossBag IvS is not obliged to take back the goods and no reimbursement will be released.

You, as the consumer, will bear any costs related to the return of the delivered product. The purchase price incl. any freight charges and fees etc. incurred by CrossBag IvS will be credited to your account within 14 days after we receive the product or documentation from you stating that the item is returned. CrossBag IvS must be able to identify you as a customer before any reimbursement can be revoked, if this might be the case. In relation to the return of the product, you are kindly asked to specify ordernumberas well as appropriate personal contact information, including clearly stated name, email and address. If we cannot identify you and / or the returned item, then CrossBag IvS is not able to reimburse you the purchasing price. However, you can always use the standard withdrawal form placed at the bottom of these terms and send to CrossBag IvS.

Application of this withdrawal form is always justified. Do you want to use your right of withdrawal, under the terms detailed in the above conditions, the product must be returned to: CrossBag IvS, Bredgade 36, 4, 1260 Copenhagen, Denmark.

5. Complaints
If you, contrary to the expectation, receive a product which is vitiated with errors or omissions and you wish to make this claim against CrossBag IvS, you must do this within reasonable time after you have discovered the defect.

At CrossBag IvS you have a 2-year deadline as a consumer. If the product is defect, this entitles you to repair, replacement, reduction in price or full refund, depending on the specific situation. The above rights presuppose that the complaint is justified and that the defect is not caused by misuse of the product, other reckless behavior by the customer or normal wear and tear.

6. Ordering
After completing the purchase with CrossBag IvS, an order confirmation will be sent to you, in which the purchase is approved. Orders of any kind are binding when the order confirmation is sent from CrossBag IvS.

Administrations fees and shipping costs are calculated during the booking and you have explicitly been made aware the amount before you have finalized your order.

7. Prices
All prices incl. freight etc. is written in EUR. CrossBag IvS is not to be held responsible for printing errors and changes in prices of any kind.

8. Payment Information
CrossBag IvS offers various methods of payment, depending on which country is traded from. To the extent possible CrossBag IvS offers payment with VISA credit card and Mastercard in all countries listed two sectiosn above, whereas the individual countries’ additional terms and conditions always apply. Any surcharges is collected and disclosed in before the finalizing of the order.

All transactions are SSL encrypted, which ensures our customers a secure transfer of data via the Internet. The payment will be completed as soon as the order is shipped.

9. Limitation of Liability 
CrossBag IvS is liable under Danish law for losses caused by the sold product. CrossBag IvS liability applies to direct loss suffered by you as a result of proper use of the product. CrossBag IvS will to the extent possible not be held responsible of possible compensation for indirect loss, consequential loss and damage, operating loss and lost labor, product liability damages etc. CrossBag IvS is not held responsible for any damages directly or indirectly caused by third parties.

10. Force Majeure
CrossBag IvS is freed from liability for failure or delay in compliance of contracts due to force majeure, including but not limited to war, riot, civil disorder, government intervention, strike, lockout, import and export bans, shortages of labor or any other cause that is beyond CrossBag’s control, and which could delay or prevent delivery of the service or the product. In such cases, delivery will be postponed for a period equal to the duration of the obstruction, and delivery to the associated customer deferred delivery date is considered in all respects for timely.

11. Customer service
Inquiries to CrossBag IvS can be sent to our email address which is CrossBag IvS will to the extent possible strive to answer all inquiries within 1 day. However, delays may occur during peak times.

12. Privacy Policy
When purchasing from CrossBag IvS 'website, you agree to the collection of a number of personal information about you. The relevant information will be registered and used so that we can process your orders and offer you the best possible service.

We reserve the right to use your email address as agreed with you as part of the order process to send you offers from CrossBag IvS or any affiliated companies.
The customer can at any time opt out of this.

13. Transfer of rights
CrossBag IvS is entitled to transfer all rights and obligations under any agreement to a third party.

14. Applicable law and appeal
Feel free to contact CrossBag IvS via email address if you are unhappy about something or want to complain. Moreover, you always have access to complaint directly to the Forbrugerklagenævnet, if you remain dissatisfied at Any dispute between the parties is ultamitely settled by the ordinary Danish courts and in accordance with Danish law.

15. Changes in business conditions
We reserve the right to modify these Terms of Business to the extent necessary. This may be to add legal requirements or the like. Customized or modified terms and conditions are only valid for orders made after their entry into force.

16. Copyright
All content and material on the website is protected and owned by CrossBag IvS. It is not allowed to link to, copy or otherwise use the content on the website or parts thereof without the express written consent of CrossBag IvS.

17. Validity
This edition of the business terms and conditions cancels all previous editions of Avenue Trading ApS' terms.